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The 2020 Apprenticeship Vision: What does it all mean?


In December 2015, the UK government published ‘English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 vision.’ The details are still being discussed and changes are being made on a monthly basis as trailblazers, providers and the Skills Funding Agency adapt to the new standards.


This is what we know so far;

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Richard stated that apprenticeships must be re-defined with a focus on industry standards and an aim to support entry into employment. All apprenticeships should deliver on a quality benchmark for the knowledge, skills and behaviours offered as part of the scheme.



Dec 2015

‘Our 2020 Vision’ plan delivered.

Based upon the recommendations from the Richard review, the Government released their vision for the future of apprentices. Their aim is to ‘maintain and consolidate our economic recovery,’ with apprenticeship delivery at the center of this. The document, available through, outlines plans to deliver on the quality improvement the Richard Review recommends.

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The government announced that new industry led standards, created by a trailblazer group, will, by 2020,  replace the old apprenticeship frameworks in an attempt to streamline and ensure quality of every apprenticeship. In addition, the periodical launched a discussion around a new degree apprenticeship in sectors such as digital, accounting and engineering. Perhaps the hottest topic of the vision was the introduction of the apprenticeship levy.



March 2015

Standards Delivered.

Further detail emerged on the new standards, with the release of degree apprenticeships in manufacturing, engineering, chartered management and banking to name a few.  The government advised Masters’ Standards are due for completion in September 2016.

Also in this month, training providers and assessment organisations were able to start registering to the Skills Funding Agency to deliver provisions under the new standards.   necessary to gain payment for delivering a new standard.


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Autumn 2016

Progress Report

With all of the changes in place, Autumn will see the publication of the 2020 Vision Progress Report. It is expected that this will form a summary of apprenticeship and next steps for providers and organisations.

In preparation for the new apprenticeships, the Digital Apprenticeship Service will be roll out.  This digital platform will allow organisations to select a suitable apprenticeship standard, attract apprentices to their vacancies and identify an appropriate training provider.  It is also thought that providers will use this platform to register to claim their digital payment vouchers.


April 2017

Standards to be delivered 

Due for roll out in 2017, the Government intent to establish the Institute for Apprenticeships to regulate the quality of the new standards and set funding for each. In line with this, organisations will begin to pay into the levy and from this point and any new apprenticeships will be on the new standards framework.

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To keep up to date with all aspects of the 2020 apprenticeship vision, check out our other ‘Gradvert For Apprenticeships’ resources. Here we regularly upload features to support you in understanding the apprenticeship landscape. We sift through the lengthy government documents and produce easy to digest, bite size posts.


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