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Why could you benefit from having a planned yearly graduate intake?

Planning a yearly graduate intake is quite a task, but don’t be daunted by it – if it’s done right, the rewards will be well worth the hard work.

Gradvert has years of experience in recruiting graduates, and what we’ve noticed is that top graduates seem to fall into two groups – those with experience who are ‘job ready’, and the graduates with the knowledge and capability to succeed, but not necessarily the experience needed for the role. This doesn’t mean they are not ‘job ready’ – just that they may need a more tailored training plan and a bigger focus on learning and development to help them become a valuable part of your business.

If you have taken graduates on before or are considering launching your first graduate scheme, read on to find out why you could benefit from having a planned yearly graduate intake.

A constant talent pipeline means better succession planning

One of the biggest benefits of having a planned yearly graduate intake is that you know you’ll always have talented people in the pipeline to progress in to more senior roles when needed, and this is a great support when thinking about the future growth of your business. Knowing the quality of graduates coming up in the next intake, along with the level of experience, knowledge and capability of your current graduates makes it easier for your business to strategise its next move. Having a constant stream of graduates who are keen to learn and adapt to your business mean less risk of knowledge being lost, and helps you take your succession planning to the next level.

Use graduates to fill skills gaps

Do you have problems filling skills gaps in your workforce, or transferring knowledge through the levels of the business? A steady intake of graduates could be the solution – it will ease the pressure on your existing workforce and give the graduate real experience in a role they have studied for. Give careful thought to your company’s planned yearly graduate intake; consider all roles and skills gaps and be flexible with the intake ensuring you are covering all areas, as this will benefit your business in the long run.

Stretch current teams to perform better

You may think that bringing a graduate into a high performing team could have a negative effect, slowing down workflow, or results in existing team members being reluctant to take time out to nurture and help the graduate. Without planning and careful graduate selection this could be possible, but the benefits of hiring a steady stream of graduates far outweigh the negatives. A planned yearly graduate intake can stretch your current team members to perform better as there will always be younger, more hungry people coming into the business. Graduates are fresh out of university, full of enthusiasm, and they have had exposure to new ideas; they want to learn and can often bring a new perspective to your company, helping to keep your existing team on their toes!

Here at Gradvert, we know the benefit of having a planned yearly graduate intake – it’s where future leaders and specialists in your business come from. To find out more on how we can help you to plan a yearly graduate intake, get in touch by emailing today!

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