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How customer service can make or break an organisation

There’s a lot of things that make up a successful business – but without doubt, having excellent customer service is definitely one of the most important.

Your company is nothing without its customers – they’re the people that pay your wages, that keep you in business, and that enable you to build the life you’re dreaming of.

Competition in business gets tougher every day, and having exceptional customer service is a key way to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd.

We believe that making sure your customer service is a step ahead of the rest can truly make or break your business, and here’s why:

It increases word of mouth marketing

The best kind of business you can get is a direct referral from one person to another – the kind that comes from positive word of mouth.

We all now take reviews from others more seriously than ever before, so having one from someone whose judgment you trust is so valuable in influencing which companies people choose.

But, it’s crucial to note that people often remember bad experiences more vividly than good ones. Unfortunately, this negative word of mouth can also spread pretty quickly, resulting in some serious damage to your reputation.

That’s why you need to ensure your customer service is to a high a standard as possible – to make sure that the things people say about your business are only good.

It can help you make improvements

Gaining quality customer feedback is a core part of delivering a good service, and it can be so valuable in enabling you to make key improvements to your business that help you give customers an even better experience next time.

And, because you’re getting feedback direct from your customers, you know you’re tailoring your products or services to exactly what they want – leading to even more future success.

It leads to more repeat business

Repeat business can help your business feel more secure, costs less to get in terms of sales and marketing and resources, and lets you start to build a loyal customer base who can then turn into advocates for your brand.

In a time where so many customers feel undervalued, making outstanding customer service a top priority in your business makes you stand out from the competition, makes customers feel that you appreciate them, and encourages them to keep coming back to you.

It compensates for higher prices

If you’re a smaller business, it can be hard to compete with the big boys and their ability to offer lower prices.

By giving a higher quality of customer service, you are able to offset your need for high prices because your customers are so happy with their experience. According to this blog, customer service-driven businesses can charge up to 9% more for their products and services, enabling you to grow your business even faster.


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