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The difference a productive team can make to your bottom line

We all know that the more productive your team, the better it will be for your business – and the bigger impact it will ultimately have on your bottom line.

But how exactly does improving the productivity of your team improve your bottom line? In what ways can you measure how effective and productive your team are?

Making you more profitable

Productivity is all about making the most of your time and resources to produce the maximum amount that you can, and the less productive you’re being, the bigger the negative impact on your profit. Whether your team’s working at 30% productivity or 80%, your outlay and costs will still be the same, but you’ll be seeing such a smaller return on that investment if productivity levels are low.

Increasing productivity in your existing team allows you to produce more, make more products or deliver more services, but without increasing costs, and that simply results in the potential for more sales and better profit margins too.

Enabling business growth

When productivity is down and a business is only just getting by (or perhaps even losing money), taking strategic moves to develop and grow the company can seem like a pipe dream. How can you expand if you’re not being efficient at your current size?

By working on productivity levels within your team and getting the employees you have working smarter, you can get more stuff done, bring in more profit, improve your bottom line and in turn boost cash flow too – all of which gives you more freedom to clearly see areas of the business you can invest in to improve, or even bring in enough work to allow you to hire some new recruits to encourage even further expansion.

Honing in on your team’s productivity levels could be the key thing holding you back from taking the business to the next level.

Provide better customer service

If your team isn’t being as productive as it could be, you might be struggling to meet existing customer demand and therefore not delivering the standard of customer service you would hope for – this could be losing you money and, most importantly, losing you customers.

Improving productivity allows your business to do more of everything – and that’s not just necessarily creating products, it can also include giving the whole team more time to focus on excellent customer service.

Whatever the impact on your bottom line, customers are the most important thing to ensure repeat business and that you create brand advocates and positive word of mouth – if lack of motivation is affecting your team’s productivity, looking after customer service could be the first thing to go, and that can have a serious long term impact on sales, profit and growth for your organisation if customers or clients simply don’t want to work with you.

Productivity comes from employee engagement

So how can you improve productivity within your team, and therefore your bottom line? There’s lots of things you can do to get your business running more effectively, but the key to boosting productivity is by improving employee engagement.

‘Engage for Success’ is a government initiative and movement which aims to spread the word about the importance and benefits of getting your employees more engaged in your business – and productivity is a huge part of this.

According to the ‘Engage for Success’ website, “Employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, two way commitment and communication between an organisation and its members.

“It is an approach that increases the chance of business success, contributing to organisational and individual performance, productivity and well being”

By communicating better with employees and taking steps to improve their engagement, your team will become more customer focused, more creative in their thinking at work, they’ll be inclined to take less sick leave, they’ll actually care about the future of the business and want to contribute to that, feel proud to be part of the organisation and – perhaps most importantly – be more motivated to do their best at all times during their work.

At a time where the productivity gap is at its widest since 1995 and the UK remains at about 15% below historical trends in productivity, improving these qualities in employees will have a major impact and most likely will enable us to close this gap.

In fact, according to these findings from the ‘Nailing the Evidence’ report from 2012, shared on the Engage for Success website, organisations in the top quartile of employee engagement scored 18% higher in terms of productivity than those in the bottom quartile.


It’s clear that employee engagement and productivity are strongly linked, and that improving both throughout your business can have a range of benefits to your bottom line.

To find out more about our training services and how we can help you take action to improve productivity in your team, contact Gradvert today!

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