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Would you be a Graduate’s Employer of Choice?

As competition becomes even fiercer for employers to secure the very best in graduate talent for their company, making your organisation being seen as an employer of choice can be the difference between hiring top talent and just missing out.

If you’re not familiar with the idea of being an employer of choice, you can get up to speed by reading this previous blog – but the core of it is your company being a place that people want to work, rather than somewhere they have to. It’s about attracting people to work for you with more than just a salary or a title.

Being an ‘employer of choice’ doesn’t just apply when trying to attract graduates – it is something all candidates will consider – but graduates and Millennials are a key demographic who are viewing the world of work differently, demanding more from the people they work for, and often being more selective about which employer they choose.

Here’s some things to consider when trying to appeal to graduates as an employer of choice.

Do you need to up your tech game?

It might seem like old news or a cliché, but it’s unavoidable that the graduate generation entering the work force are using technology like no other employees before them – and so to appeal to this demographic, you need to ensure you’re doing so on a digital platform where they are, and that they can engage with.

Whether it’s dedicating some time to developing your social media, updating your website to ensure it’s mobile responsive and more clearly reflects who you are, or thinking of innovative new ways to use digital marketing to reach new graduates, upping your tech game could have a huge impact on how appealing you are to the young workforce.

Forgetting traditional work values

When planning your next recruitment drive, what do you think your ideal candidates are looking for? If you’re limiting yourself to a good salary, a posh role title and a fancy office, that could really hold you back from truly being seen by graduates as an employer of choice.

The truth is, the new generation of graduates are valuing the traditional aspects of the career ladder less and less. Yes, they want room for progression and yes, they want to be compensated fairly for their skills – but there’s so much more to it than that. Graduates are looking primarily for fulfilment from their job, to work in a place where they really feel they’re adding value to the world, and to do something that aligns with their passions.

Flexibility and virtual working is becoming increasingly important too, so being open minded about that approach and what your new graduate recruits want from their role will be vital in securing the talent you want.

Showcase your core messages

If fulfilment and doing good is what graduates are after, how do you communicate with them that they can achieve those things working for you? By truly showcasing your core messages and values as a company (and not just corporate jargon or sales speak), you’re showing graduates the meaning and purpose behind your brand, giving them a chance to see that they’re aligned with you and that your company is somewhere they want to work.

So whenever you have an opportunity to communicate with potential graduate recruits, make the most of it. Think about your tone of voice, and how you can convey more of your brand values through your social media, website copy and general recruitment material.

Offer the very best in graduate schemes

Graduate schemes are an extremely beneficial way to onboard new recruits to your business, both for the graduate themselves and the employer. They give grads a clear insight into all the workings of your business they need, provides them with on the job training and helps them see clearly where they can fit in and contribute to the organisation.

But there’s a lot of graduate schemes on offer, giving the top talent that you want a lot to choose from. You need to make sure that your graduate scheme stands out from the crowd, both in terms of what it can offer candidates at work, and in how you market it so as to ensure it reaches the very best people for the job.

By working with specialists in the graduate world – such as us here at Gradvert – you can make sure your grad scheme achieves exactly what you need it to, attracts the very best talent for your business, and improves your reputation as an employer of choice for graduates too.

To find out more about our graduate scheme services, get in touch today! Email today.

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