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The impact a graduate can have on an already high performing team

Building a high performing team is the cornerstone of any successful business. Often these teams are well-established within a business and have been working together for a significant period of time. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult when new people – in any position – join a team.

This is no different when you look to recruit a graduate into a team. Often they don’t have much professional work experience and need guidance both in the work they’re completing and how to integrate into the team. Although this can initially disrupt a team, having a graduate in any business can be an investment, which very quickly pays for itself, and is certainly time worth spending to bring in a future leader to your business.



A graduate initially brings a new perspective to the organisation. Coming straight from university, they have had exposure to new ideas, both from a business perspective and also academically, which may have been overlooked previously.

Graduates stereotypically are very enthusiastic individuals who want to learn. It’s therefore a great opportunity for some of the senior members of the team to train them and transfer knowledge, ensuring that best practice and skills are shared throughout the team for future generations.  As well as this, graduates can bring a fresh perspective and look at processes with a different analytical viewpoint, which will certainly aid in bringing continuous improvement within the company.

Bringing a graduate into the business on a rotational graduate scheme also means knowledge and best practice can be transferred further throughout the business. What a graduate learns in one area of the business, can have a significant impact on their development and can act as a great way to improve the cohesiveness of different business areas as they make their way through the programme.

Before bringing a graduate into a business, it would be advisable to profile the existing high performing team. Use this to see what the common attributes are which lead to the success of that team, but also, and possibly more importantly, look to see if there are any skills gaps which a graduate could fill. This would make the profiling of the graduate easier, and the overall likelihood of a successful graduate joining the team far greater


How to recruit a graduate into a high performing team 

Once the profiling of the team has been completed, the recruitment process can begin, and it is advisable to have just one key stakeholder in the process, who makes the final decisions, however seek the opinions and involvement of many others, to generally have a team consensus that the right decision has been made. This should ensure the “buy-in” of many members of the team, and make the transition for the graduate smooth.

A rigorous process should be put in place to ensure not only a high calibre of candidate, but to make sure the best candidate for that team is selected. If you put the time in at the recruitment stage you will get the rewards with a successful recruit.

The process should include numerous stages, which have different assessments included. These could be interviews, psychometric tests, team and individual based tasks, amongst many others. This not only ensures that the graduates are well assessed but also the commitment of the graduates. If they are willing to go through the variety of stages, it shows their desire and commitment to securing the position.

Bringing a graduate into a high performing team can be time consuming, however it’s a process that will certainly be rewarding and valuable, both in the long and short term. A graduate can have a great impact on an already high performing team, bringing fresh ideas and a new perspective, and are an excellent option when a business is looking at developing future leaders, and transferring knowledge so best practice is always followed and evolved.

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