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What to look for in a graduate recruitment company

Having an experienced graduate recruitment company on board can be the difference between a well-structured graduate recruitment process that is a positive experience for everyone involved, and ending up hiring grads that aren’t right for your business, leading to long term damage to your employer brand.

So what should you be looking for in a good graduate recruitment company?

Competition is tough out there; if you want to attract the top graduates for your business sector you should look for a graduate recruitment company with a bespoke approach. Gradvert’s approach to the graduate recruitment process is always tailored to your company with an innovative attraction campaign and fully bespoke assessment centre, to give your business a strong, successful graduate scheme.

A graduate recruitment company should have expert knowledge of the graduate scheme process from beginning to end. Set up by ex-graduates, the team at Gradvert have all completed graduate schemes themselves in a variety of sectors. They know the pitfalls, the obstacles, and more importantly, what makes a successful graduate scheme, for employers and participants.

Working with a graduate recruitment company that has first-hand experience in going through a graduate scheme will set your business apart from companies using agencies that send out CVs and hope for the best. Gradvert works as your internal recruitment team; what matters to you, matters to us. As ex-graduates who’ve ‘been there, done that’, we use this unique insight to help you attract, recruit and retain the top graduate talent for your business.

When choosing a graduate recruitment company to work with, ensure they have a comprehensive solution for your business. This means creating innovative attraction strategies and campaigns to promote your company’s graduate scheme, as well as seeing the process right through to recruitment and any training and development needed after that.

It means evaluating your graduate recruitment process; what kind of candidates are you looking for? What are your methods for short listing potential applicants? What is the experience like for the candidates? A good recruitment strategy is essential if you are to get those top graduates on board.

Equally as important, is the learning and development process you have in place for once you have hired your graduates. Gradvert has extensive experience in designing and implementing dynamic training programmes to help you to create a fulfilling graduate experience for both the student and the company.

The graduate recruitment company you choose to work with on getting the top graduates for your business sector needs to understand your business. For example, choosing a partner who has had great success with graduates in the retail sector, with no knowledge of IT, wouldn’t be a wise move if you are in the IT business! The knowledge and experience of the Gradvert team, along with our robust, high impact process, which involves understanding your business and your current challenges to design a unique and bespoke graduate recruitment programme for attracting, recruiting and development strategies, will ensure your graduates are able to perform confidently in their area of responsibility.

It you want to find out more about Gradvert, one of the UK’s leading graduate recruitment companies, get in touch today. We have a dedicated team of development specialists looking forward to working with you on your graduate recruitment programme.

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