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Training Solutions

Gradvert is one of the leading training providers for the design and delivery of innovative workplace training solutions. Created bespoke to your organisation, all our programmes focus on developing the skills and behaviours your teams need to achieve your business goals and objectives.

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Understanding the Management Role to Improve Performance

This module is designed to help new and practicing managers understand the manager’s role in an organisation, considering the values of the organisation and understanding how manager’s impact on the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Managing Individual Development

Focusing on the professional development of teams, this module introduces delegates to the training needs analysis. As part of the module, delegates will understand how to implement and evaluate a training plan based around the goals and objectives of the team.

Delegating Authority in the Workplace

Supporting managers in becoming more effective at delegating, this module introduces delegates to the importance of delegation in the empowerment of teams. Looking into the steps, skills and levels of delegation, delegates will become more confident in their own ability.

Managing Stress and Conflict in the Workplace

Designed to support delegates in managing challenging situations more effectively, this module introduces delegates to the sources, consequences and techniques for overcoming workplace stress. Delegates will also explore their style of conflict management and consider how this relates to their organisation.

Motivating People in the Workplace

This module is designed to introduce delegates to key theories of motivation, allowing them to explore how to improve performance as a result of motivation and empowerment. Delegates will look at motivation specific to their organisation and explore how to effectively motivate their team.

Personal Effectiveness and Self Awareness

During this module, delegates will gain a deeper understanding of their core strengths, building a unique strengths profile and maximising opportunities to play to their strengths. Delegates will explore concepts around self-management, building self-esteem and assertiveness.

Communication and Influencing

Within this module, delegates will explore the importance of successful communication. Looking closer at the barriers they face in their organisation, delegates will explore practical ways of tailoring their communication. Using communication as a basis, delegates will explore techniques for influencing.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Delegates will explore the differences between critical thinking and everyday thinking, establishing the importance of critical thinking within their organisation. Implementing a critical approach, delegates will more effectively enhance their problem solving capability.

Building and Developing High Performing Teams

Exploring what a high performing team looks like in their organisation, delegates will explore the different stages teams go through in order to become high performing. Using this a basis, delegates will delve into a range of different leadership styles and consider a flexible approach in their leadership. Looking closely at motivation, delegates will explore ways to goal setting with teams and empowerment through delegation and training.

An Introduction to Workplace Coaching

During this module, delegates will explore how to ensure best practice in workplace coaching. Exploring diagnostic tools delegates will learn how to effectively set goals which are in line with objectives. Using the GROW model as a structure, delegates will learn to effectively apply coaching practices and successfully evaluate and monitor team and individual performance.

Delivering Powerful Presentations

Understanding the importance of effective presentation, this module will allow delegates to explore tools and techniques for delivering high impacting presentations. From defining the audience, through to strategies for overcoming nerves, this module will provide delegates with the practical experience of developing a presentation and successful delivery.

Advanced Writing & Professional Reports

Understanding the different styles of professional writing and how to prepare reports that meet business and audience needs. Delegates will look at frameworks and develop models when writing a range of different documentation.

Dealing with Difficult Situations

Delegates will consider how to manage difficult situations with internal and external stakeholders. Activities will be based around creating coping strategies to support a resolution. Delegates will also consider the impact of not resolving situations and the impact of this on business objectives.

Principles of Excellent Customer service

Focusing on developing the essentials of excellent customer service and exceptional communication, this workshop introduces delegates to the core principles of customer service. It will cover how to leave a lasting and positive impression on customers, understanding strategies for communication and how to tackle customer service challenges.

Successful Sales and negotiation

Delegates will gain an understanding of the sales process and how to maximise the impact of their negotiation skills. Focusing on how to adapt their style to who they are selling to. Building a toolkit of techniques for successful sales. The module focuses on telephone, email and face to face sales activity. This can be developed at a basic or advanced level.

Skills for the Business Administrator

Delegates will develop strategies to successfully complete administrative tasks in the organisation. They will also look at how time management and basic project management will make them more effective in their role. Delegates will leave with a fuller understanding of the tasks necessary for their workplace.

HR for non-HR managers

The world of HR and the accompanying language used, is sometimes daunting for non-HR professionals. In this session, delegates will explore the HR tasks they complete as part of their role. The session will give delegates functional tools to carry out performance management reviews, overview of key policies and procedures, as well as helpful tips and advice for their role.

Skills for the Practical Trainer

This one-day workshop will help delegates to understand their role as a trainer and the impact of successful facilitation. They will create a profile of different learning styles and preferences so that they may adapt to their audience in their role. Alongside this they will develop tools and techniques to create an interactive and engaging training session.

Supervising Others

This workshop aims to provide supervisors with the skills to successfully communicate, and foster respectful relationships, within their teams. Delegates will have the opportunity to develop a range of strategies to overcome daily supervisory challenges whilst exploring techniques for best working practice. 

Gradvert training testimonal


Alison worked alongside Gradvert and worked as our associate in helping deliver our programme with British Athletics. Ryan Murphy who is the General Manager of Commercial at British Athletics spoke, ‘Alison has delivered several business skill programmes across various British Athletics Departments and without exception, feedback from delegates has been incredibly positive.  Her style is relaxed and professional and she engages with delegates in a manner which draws their interest and attention, making any training session equally informative, relevant and fun’.


British Athletics are extremely impressed with Alison and the work that she has delivered, ‘her attention to detail is genuinely impressive and the time she spent in understanding our business and unique challenges made the training process extremely powerful for those attending. Alison’s delivery has had significant impact upon our business with delegates feeling able to deal with both day-to-day and emergency situations with a new confidence and skill’.


After the hard work that both Alison and us here at Gradvert have put into the programme, Ryan Murphy commented that, ‘we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Alison and Gradvert to any organization who are genuinely looking to develop their staff to greater levels of skill and performance’.


Ryan Murphy, General Manager of Commercial, British Athletics

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