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How to use effective advertising to make your graduate scheme more successful

You know you have a great, well structured graduate scheme – but do the students you want to attract know it?

Mastering the art of advertising will help you get the message out there about your graduate scheme loud and clear, giving credibility to your graduate scheme, resulting in more applications and providing the strength for you to sustain your pipeline of graduate talent for years to come.

So how do you promote a great graduate scheme?

Here at Gradvert we provide a graduate scheme consultancy service. Working with you on attraction strategies, we can create innovative and bespoke campaigns to promote your company’s graduate scheme and ensure you recruit only the best top talent.

Here’s our top tips on what to look at when promoting your graduate scheme, which we’ve learnt from years of providing our clients with highly impactful and effective recruitment advertising campaigns.

Have a budget in place to promote your scheme – it will bring results. There is no getting away from it; you need to spend to attract the best graduates to your company. Think of it as investing in your business’s future, rather than a big outlay of cost. What you spend now, you will reap in results later.

Attract more applications for specific graduate vacancies with targeted advertising. The obvious advertising haunts are graduate directories, graduate recruitment websites and attending university recruitment campaigns or careers fairs. When looking to recruit specific student criteria consider holding a campus drop-in session, road-show event, or skills training workshop to give students a taste of what your business is about – anything that gives you the chance to hone in on the type of graduates you’re really looking for.

Use your current graduate scheme recruits to promote your business with their fellow students. Let them speak at a drop-in session or road-show event: if they are having a great experience working for you, then there is no better advertising. This is a big way to improve your employer branding and allow your business to really connect with potential talent.

Don’t just target final year students – gaining the interest from first or second year undergraduates in business and your graduate scheme can help in the recruitment process in the following years. Students are planning their future earlier and earlier, so advertising your scheme to them from year one will help you stick in their minds as a potential future employer.

Use social media – it is the go-to-place for almost everything with today’s students. One of the biggest growth areas for advertising graduate schemes is through social media promotions. According to High Fliers publication, The Graduate Market in 2016, (pg31) 95% of employers surveyed promoted their graduate recruitment schemes on social media, and 60% of these said they used social media for promoting more than they did the previous year.

Be better than the competition – improve students’ perception of your business, improve your company profile, and get the rest of your people on board to create a good graduate scheme experience for the students and develop an advertising campaign for your scheme that helps you stand out from the crowd. This is especially important for smaller businesses, as the biggest players in the industry with the most well-known schemes can often be graduates’ first choices.

How can Gradvert Help?

We are ex-graduates ourselves, who have ‘been there, done that’, and we use this unique insight to help you develop strategies on how to attract the right students to apply for your graduate scheme. On average our campaigns generate 1500 applications, and our tried and tested shortlisting and interviewing process means that those applications result in recruiting quality talent for our clients.

Our attraction strategies include both digital and physical marketing, targeted specifically at the graduates you want to attract, and we are able to utilise our connections with universities across Europe to promote your business and your graduate scheme, as well as attracting talented graduates to apply to work with you.

Find out more on how Gradvert can help your business with the art of advertising to create a sustainable graduate scheme here.  If you want to see how we have helped other companies with their graduate schemes why not take a minute or two to read some of our case studies.

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