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Finding the right graduate role for you

Once you leave university, you might feel like you’re finally free – but the graduate job market can be even harder to navigate.

The world is at your feet once you graduate – you’re young, you have a lot of knowledge and skills from your degree, and your career can be anything you make it. But how do you know where to start?

It can be easy to think that any job is better than no job, but that can lead to panic applications and potentially even ending up in a role that you don’t really want.

If you’re feeling a little daunted about entering the world of work and finding a role that’s right for you, here’s some thought provoking questions to get you started:

What do you love to do?


The first thing that should ever be considered when looking for a new job is simple – what do you enjoy? Finding a job you love is hard, but possible, however you need to know what it is that you like to do before you start searching for it.

Think back to university, to any work experience you’ve had, to extra-curricular activities: what’s your passion? What kind of jobs do you always gravitate to? What role did you play in group tasks? Write down all the stuff you enjoy and would almost feel like you couldn’t accept payment for, and these will be your ideal roles.

Plus, if you love what you do, not only will you be happier and more motivated, but you’ll be better at your job and impress your employers a lot more too.

What are your strengths?


Then, you need to figure out where what you enjoy and what you’re actually good at overlap. We all have things that we’re naturally good at – again, make a list, and then compare those to what’s listed in the graduate job descriptions you’re looking at.

What are your values?

When making the move into the workplace, it’s important to think about you and what you want, not what you should want because of your degree. Often, the degree you studied at University won’t directly relate to the career you choose, even though you take the skills with you, you should apply for jobs based on what you really want, and not necessarily what your degree leads in to.

One of the most key things in finding a role that’s right for you is connecting with the company in terms of your values, as well as the other stuff like location, salary etc. When applying, dig a little deeper into where you’re applying for. What’s their mission? Why do they do what they do? If it resonates with you, you could be on to a winning graduate job.

What do you need from your job to be happy?


Every job is different, and requires different things from the people who do them. Consider what you want to get from your job, as well as what you can give it. Is it the salary alone that’s important, or is it the flexibility to work from home that you need? Are you happy to work long and irregular hours, or is spare time and routine more important to you?

Figuring out what you want from your job, in the long and short term, will be invaluable for finding a role that works for you!

At Gradvert, we work with graduates to place them in their ideal jobs – to find out if we have any roles available that are suitable for you, email us at or check out our current opportunities.

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