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Infographic: Gradstars Facts and Figures

Gradstars Facts and Figures Splash

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Embracing a graduate into your business can be extremely beneficial due to the fresh skill set and new perspectives that a graduate can bring. At Gradvert, we can work with you as employers to develop a tailored graduate scheme that’s going to have an overall positive impact on your business and find the right graduates for your long-term success.

We have access to over one million graduates that could be perfect to your newly implemented graduate scheme. Additionally, all of the graduates we place have either been headhunted or sourced through social media and therefore have been chosen with your business in mind. This method allows us to find a wide range of talent to ensure we place the right graduates who are the best for your business. The typical graduate age range tends to be between 21-24. Many of our graduates are also multilingual which increases their employability skills and flexibility even further.

Through our placements and training, 75% of our graduates move into graduate level roles with our starting salaries typically ranging from £18,000-£38,000. We put our graduates on track to achieve the best career for themselves.

Within the Gradvert team over 60% of us have been on and experienced a graduate scheme. Therefore, we’re the right people for the job when finding graduates for your business as we hold first-hand experience. We place both fresh graduates and those with up to four years’ experience; it all depends on which candidates are right for the job and who’s the best fit for the company.

We’ve had proven success with 95% of our graduates still in continuing employment after the first year of their scheme and 92% are still in employment two years after their graduate scheme has ended. We work with both the business and the graduates themselves to ensure that the perfect relationship is established and the best candidates are going into the best business for them.

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Infographic For Post Gradstars

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