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Why should you join the transport sector?

If you’re thinking about what your next move will be after graduating from university, it would be a good idea to seriously consider joining the transport sector.

The transport sector plays a major role in the UK’s economy at both a national and local level, enabling the movement of goods, services and people as efficiently as possible. Whether by air, by sea, by rail or by road, transport impacts all of us every day. With so many of us in transit daily, the emphasis was, until recently, on car travel and building an infrastructure to accommodate demand. Now, many feel that the current levels of car usage are unsustainable, and the emphasis has switched to putting restrictions on cars, like congestion charges and road tolls, plus encouraging public transport usage.

Of course, this encouragement to use public transport means it has become a growing industry serving millions of people every day. With huge investments from the government and the need for succession planning, companies within the transport sector are keen to work with fresh graduates.

With a skills shortage in the sector, there are a lot of graduate schemes positions available, and starting salaries of between £18k and £25k (according to the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport) – with advantages like these, who wouldn’t be interested in joining the transport sector?

There is a lot going on in the transport sector in the UK right now.

Some of the busiest UK train operators are owned by The Go-Ahead Group who have a market share of around 27%. The Go-Ahead Group have a customer service vision – to improve the customer experience during all elements of the rail journey. Gradvert has recently worked with The Go-Ahead Group on creating a rail graduate programme, starting in September 2017, to attract the best graduates to help advance The Go-Ahead Group’s customer service vision.

The rail graduate programme aims to give you full exposure to all elements of the business, letting you choose the area you would like to work in for your first placement after completion of the programme. The Go-Ahead Group believe that retaining skilled professional people with the right attitude is important to their business, and you could be one of those graduates. Being committed to spending time and money in recruiting, training and developing the skills of graduates, it makes economic sense to ensure they remain with the Group.

Bus transport is a huge part of the public transport sector, employing around 170k people across the UK, and is another element which makes the transport sector so lucrative to fresh new graduates.

The Go-Ahead Group is one of the UK’s largest bus operators with a fleet of around 4600 buses, carrying nearly two million passengers each day. With operations in London, North East England, Oxford, Brighton, Plymouth, the South coast and East Anglia, they have a wide UK presence and work hard to be the leading operators in each area. Gradvert has worked with The Go-Ahead Group for several years developing a bus graduate programme to give you full insight into the operations of running a bus company; from head office functions like HR and marketing, to bus depot management including driver and fleet management. This is an all encompassing graduate programme with real responsibility from day one. Find out more about The Go-Ahead Group’s Bus Graduate Programme with Gradvert.

And females shouldn’t dismiss the transport sector when considering their next move, as there is a real need for more women in this area. Here is an encouraging testimonial from Rachel Becket who participated in The Go-Ahead Group’s Bus Graduate Programme:-

Why did you join The Go-Ahead Group’s Bus Graduate Scheme?

“I joined Go-Ahead because I wanted a new challenge in an industry, which doesn’t typically attract young female graduates to it. I wanted the opportunity to prove that women can succeed in management within the transport industry as successfully as men and that there is a lot to be said for women entering the sector.”

Where do you see your career with The Go-Ahead Group going?

“I am around halfway through my graduate programme at present and am now covering as Traffic Manager in our Metrobus Crawley Depot.  I hope to continue to develop within this role over the coming months and successfully transfer from the Graduate programme into an Operations Management job in August 2016 when my programme is due to finish.”

If this blog has spurred you into thinking of joining the transport sector, get in touch with us today to ask about the latest vacancies that Gradvert is recruiting for!

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