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Why you should get more involved in University Life

Getting involved in university life as a student is good for you in lots of ways – making new friends, learning new things and having fun. But perhaps even more importantly, it will help prepare you for your future working life.

A well balanced student experience teaches you life skills like independence, initiative, curiosity and versatility, all attractive traits that will impress future employers.

Ultimately, you’re at university to improve your chance of getting the career you really want. Having that first class degree on paper is great, but you need more than that to impress a future employer enough to secure that dream job.

Employers want to see a good work ethic, reliability, good communication skills, and a positive can-do attitude – just a few pointers from their long list of criteria. What’s great is that university is the place to learn all of these things. Many universities want to help their students in their future careers, and getting involved in university life and making the most of the opportunities that university can offer will get you noticed and become one of these students.

Look at joining some of the university societies; don’t fall into the trap of signing up to too many and ending up falling away from all of them. Choose two or three that really interest you and play an active part. Having a constructive input will help develop your communication skills and your confidence. Take on a leadership role too, if you can; it shows commitment and leadership qualities.

Another great way to get more involved in university life by joining the Student Union or become a member of the Student Council. Universities will invest in training for students taking on these roles, encouraging them to become leaders amongst their peers. This will all help to develop your skill set, making you more prepared for the working world.

Be sure to make good use of the university careers service.

It’s never too early to start thinking of the options out there and what you want to do once you graduate – in fact, often the sooner you start thinking of this, the better. Your university’s careers advisors will help you to identify your goals and take steps to achieve them. These actions could include:

  • Have a one to one meeting for feedback on your CV.
  • Arrange a mock interview to help with your communication skills and give you more confidence in a real interview.
  • Take part in workshops or events and learn to market your skills.
  • Hear professionals talk of their career and how they got started.


You might be interested to read this case study on how Gradvert partnered up with Newcastle University to create a Leadership Development Programme and equip students with essential employability skills. In this unique programme, candidates can go through projects practically, and then implement their new skills in to real life scenarios that will aid in their current positions within the university such as the societies they manage.

At Gradvert we know how much you want to secure your dream job. We know how difficult the process is too, which is why we are here to support graduates every step of the way; from receiving your CV, to the first day with your new employer.

Why not join our #GradsHour Twitter Chat Network, every Wednesday at 2pm? It’s a community where employers tweet their vacancies and graduates can search jobs, engage with other students and improve your knowledge of the graduate recruitment industry!

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