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Sophie Moorby

“No two days are the same as a depot manager and it’s this that has allowed Sophie to gain valuable experience and adapt to different working situations”.

There’s no better thing than inspiring a generation of young people pursuing their careers. We have awarded Sophie Moorby as one of our GradStars through embarking upon her business management scheme with The Go-Ahead Group. We want Sophie to be an inspiration to all those graduates that perhaps feel a tad lost towards the direction of their careers. It was through her graduate scheme and determination that Sophie landed the role of a depot manager.

Sophie began her studies at the University of Hull at the age of eighteen in which she studied management (a four-year sandwich course). Within her studies, Sophie experienced further managerial experience through a placement year at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Sophie, like many graduates was uncertain towards the direction of her career, just that it would involve management. Enter Gradvert! It was this uncertainty that made Sophie research graduate schemes. A graduate scheme seemed the perfect choice for Sophie when indecision was a daunting prospect. Through research, Sophie found that the business management scheme with The Go-Ahead Group allowed her to develop and expand on skills in an industry she was interested in.

From the age of sixteen, Sophie has always been in work. Her jobs have varied and have included a paper round, a pool life guard, a waitress, reception work and work within retail throughout university. Although jobs that were just that and not careers, looking back Sophie values the skill set she has gained through exposure to numerous different industries. Her range of jobs have allowed her to adapt well to the working world and subsequently has seen her excel in her graduate scheme. An encouragement to any graduate who is uncertain; gain as much experience as you can!

The attraction of this scheme to Sophie was the variety which it seemed to offer her. She could immerse herself in different areas of the business and receive valuable and practical on the job training and gain a true insight of the managerial world.

Today, stereotypes can be a major issue and even potentially hold graduates back from pursuing their dream career. Sophie stressed that she has faced no stereotypes in what may be classed as a typically male-dominated business. It’s outsider views that Sophie believes the stereotypes have stemmed from. However, within the company itself, it’s innovative and has embraced diversity. Sophie herself has written an article surrounding this topic named ‘Diversity Within the Bus Industry’.

A list could easily be written surrounding Sophie’s successes with The Go-Ahead Group. There was no in between, she transitioned straight from being an entry level graduate to the manager of a depot. In January 2016, Sophie also received and completed her Transport Managers CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). To top that, Sophie was also nominated for ‘Young Manager of the Year’ in the UK Bus Awards. This recently also saw Sophie in London to present on why she should be nominated and win the award. A complete accolade to what she has accomplished at such a young age.

Additionally, through becoming a depot manager Sophie has also gained successes on a personal level. She has seen herself develop more as a person. No two days are the same as a depot manager and it’s this that has allowed Sophie to gain valuable experience and adapt to different working situations. Throughout her time at The Go-Ahead Group Sophie has learnt from challenges she has faced and used these to progress.

So what does Sophie’s future look like? Sophie expressed how she wishes to stay within the Go North East Company. Her career goal is to move up within the company itself and perhaps move and manage a bigger depot at first. She is constantly starting new projects in her line of work with her ultimate career goal being to make it to the board of Go North East and spread her influence there. Sophie has gained valuable associations with the company and achieved valuable networking connections to take into her future.

Thus, this opportunity has massively equipped Sophie for her ongoing career. As mentioned, no two days are the same for her. It’s through this that she has learnt from challenges and learnt to cope in a sometimes stressful and demanding environment. Sophie can now tackle situations more methodically as her skills develop.

There is often a lot of doom and gloom in the media these days about the prospects and futures of graduates. Sophie’s advice to any upcoming/recent graduate is always experience! Gain as much work experience as you can. Like Sophie these don’t necessarily have to be opportunities in a specific line of work. As previously stated, Sophie believes all her past roles have given her a valued skill set to take into her career. It’s experience that makes you stand out and give you those unique examples in an interview. If you’re in an interview and asked to demonstrate a time of working in a team, you don’t want your answer to be that group presentation you did in university. With valuable work experience you can give those unique answers that will make you stand out in that all-important job interview.

To conclude, it’s due to Sophie’s mass achievement that we have named her as one of our GradStars. She’s an individual that many young people should look up to. Sophie was unsure about life after university but through a graduate scheme has managed to turn all that around.

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