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Briggs Case Study

CASE STUDY: Briggs Equipment

Aspiring Managers Development Programme


Briggs Equipment is one of the country’s largest stockists of quality used forklifts and operates one of the largest support infrastructures within the industry. Briggs is the exclusive UK distributor for Hyster and Vale and holds a strong local presence at its HQ in Staffordshire.

The Challenge

Briggs recognised that many of their managers had entered management level roles underprepared. Therefore, they identified that a platform needed to be established that would allow future and aspiring managers to prepare for management roles.

It came to light that workers had strong technical skills but perhaps lacked more in the people skills that are essential to managerial roles and a balance needed to be created between the two.


Introduce aspiring managers to key
components of successful management


Delegates reflect on their learning and
share opportunities to progress further

Briggs Body


Briggs chose us here at Gradvert to help them design a development programme that will help ensure that aspiring managers are fully prepared for their transition into managerial roles.

Our partnership with Briggs allowed us to design a training solution which would feel like an extension of their own learning and development function. We made sure to spend a valuable amount of time with Briggs to understand their culture, business agenda and brand values. This allowed us to gain a thorough understanding of their people strategy. Therefore, we could provide them with a bespoke development programme to help them achieve their business goals.

Through a complex understanding of the organisation we decided that the most suitable form of programme for Briggs would be a full-day workshop, followed by a half-day action learning set which would allow delegates to implement their learning from the previous day.

The programme incorporated a combination of innovative learning exercises such as psychometric profiling, the creation of a team charter, role play and group exercises that are designed to reflect the reality of the day-to-day management within Briggs. This approach allowed delegates to build a toolkit of both strategies and techniques that they can implement into future managerial roles.


Through the programme, Briggs saw an immediate increase in the confidence levels of their aspiring managers along with an increased awareness of the responsibilities that are expected of a manager. Due to the successful impact of the programme, Briggs aim to put all its aspiring managers through the training course as part of their transition into managerial roles.

The programme achieved an average satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5 and 98% of the delegates would recommend the training to their colleagues.