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British Athletics

CASE STUDY: British Athletics

Development Workshop Programme


As the governing body for the sport of Athletics in the UK, British Athletics (BA) is responsible for overseeing the governance of athletics events in the UK as well as athletes, their development and athletics officials. BA also represents all Olympians and Paralympians within the athletics world.

The Challenge

BA acknowledged that to uphold their impressive brand reputation they needed to enhance the skills, knowledge and behaviours of their staff as the company continues to grow and therefore future proof the business.

Enhancing the skills and knowledge of their team would allow BA to effectively prepare their staff for future managerial roles and develop a complex understanding of the needs of the business. Preparing staff for future roles would allow BA to succession plan effectively and ensure that vital skills and knowledge are not lost.

The Solution

BA chose Gradvert to design a series of workshops to support their workers and help them develop the desirable knowledge, skills and behaviours within their team. The programme would consist of both managers within the business and managers of volunteers within BA. Therefore, through our partnership it was important to spend time with BA to understand their goals as a business and gain a complex knowledge of how they operate and understand their environment.

We delivered a bespoke development programme that consisted of a series of interactive and engaging professional development workshops. We would then monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the training and the development of delegates.

An Introduction to Project Management

Delegates gained a deeper understanding into the roles of managers and supervisors in the organisation and how they contribute to the business’ goals and objectives.

Implementing and Evaluating Projects Successfully

Delegates were introduced to the key components of successful project management to ensure that every project is delivered successfully.

Understanding the Role of the Manager and Supervising Others

Delegates were allowed the opportunity to review and reflect on their learning. Delegates then tested their learning through a series of project management activities. As a result, delegates could explore strategies and techniques to effectively evaluate projects.

HR for non-HR Professionals

Delegates explored the HR tasks they complete as part of their roles. They developed their confidence in dealing with challenging management situations by understanding the responsibilities, rights and reputations of the business.

Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict

Delegates were introduced to the sources, consequences and techniques for overcoming workplace stress. Additionally, a toolkit of strategies and techniques was also developed to manage workplace stress and conflict more effectively.

The Impact

The programme was a huge success and saw the immediate improvement in the confidence of the BA team as they became better prepared to enter managerial roles. Additionally, delegates gained an increased awareness of the responsibilities that managers and supervisors hold within the business. Each workshop equipped delegates in various strategies and techniques with each workshop achieving at least a 91% satisfaction score and above.

Additionally, many delegates on the programme are responsible for running the world athletics championships that will be taking place in August 2017. The great focus on project management within this programme has aided in preparing delegates and enhancing their skills and confidence to manage this momentous event.

British Athletics Runners