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Leadership Development For Engineering & Technical Managers


Teeside University engaged Gradvert to support in the delivery of their masterclass programme in 2013.
Focusing on developing the professional skills of technical managers within the IT and Engineering sector, the purpose of the programme was to provide these managers with the skills and tools to become more effective in their professional careers. Gradvert supported in the delivery of the High Impacting Presentation and Effective Communication module by crafting and designing and an engaging and bespoke masterclass tailored toward the needs of managers from Esh Group, Nifco and Fine Industries.

Key Acheivements

  • Designed to develop the skills needed for long-term success, the group achieved their goals through practicing and maintaining effective communication channels with their team. As an example, many chose to ban email and encourage teams to meet to discuss their plans and objectives.
  • The group referenced communication and presentations as their biggest business challenge. At the end of the programme we achieved 99% improvement rate on communication with the team and presenting to the executive board.