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Our new partnership with Newcastle University Students’ Union

There appears to be an increasing gap between the university world and the world of work. Students are completing university with highly qualified degrees but lack in the key employability skills that employers crave such as leadership and communication.

The University of Newcastle aims to combat this issue and have developed a first-of-its-kind programme titled, ‘The NUSU Advanced Programme in Leadership’. This unique and innovative programme aims to equip students who’re already highly engaged within the university with key employability skills that will aid them both in their current roles and in their future careers.

The programme will allow 20 candidates who are either sabbatical officers or members of the students’ union to apply to take part in the programme. This opportunity will allow them to implement the skills they acquire into a realistic situation which will truly aid in their current role. Through the help of Gradvert, the programme will also be endorsed by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) which is the largest provider of leadership and management qualifications in the UK and is internationally recognised. This endorsed element will allow candidates to gain a certificate to solidify that they’ve been through a high-quality bench mark of standards that they can take to future employers.

The content of the programme will aim to introduce candidates to leadership through a series of workshops. The programme will allow candidates to develop the skills to handle situations effectively such as which leadership styles to adopt, how to communicate with different team members, project management and how to tailor your methods of communication. What makes this programme unique is the notion that this project can be built in and suited to the candidates’ current work. An example being the head of societies can go through and practically implement their leadership skills with the teams that they manage. For the endorsed aspect of this programme an assignment needs to be completed. However, this assignment can be anything if there’s a pass/fail component. Instead, it is tailored to what is most relevant for that university and does not become a burden for the students taking part but still allows them to come away with a highly-recognised qualification.

The outcome will see a more professional and better run students’ union. Overall, student satisfaction will increase due to more investment and time being spent equipping students with the essential skills, which is also a key factor to determining a universities’ position in the league tables. The employability agenda will be supported through students becoming more employable and therefore more students will be moving into graduate level roles post university. This opportunity requires candidates to volunteer their time to complete the programme. Additionally, this is yet another desirable trait that students can take to future employers as it demonstrates that they have the drive and willingness to learn.

This unique programme developed by The University of Newcastle and overseen by Gradvert allows that gap to be bridged between education and the working world and will make students more employable and help put them on the right track to achieving their dream careers.

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